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All dogs require regular walks and exercise to stay healthy and fit, however, each dog will have different exercise needs based on health, breed, age and energy level. 


Whether your pup has tons of energy, and needs lots of play time or a long brisk walk to tire them out, or simply enjoys a gentle stroll and mid-day cuddle, we will work together to customize a walk schedule that best suites your needs, and keeps your four-legged friend healthy, fit, and happy!


Rates and Services

Puppy Potty Break (10 minutes) $13

Great for new puppies and older dogs who need a quick potty break once or twice a day. Also purrfect for cats and small pets!



Walks and Visits

All walks/visits include fresh water and daily care report, as well as

cleaning of litter boxes or cages for cats and small pets. Treats, meals, and

medications can be given upon request at no extra charge.


15 minute walk/visit $18

30 minute walk/visit $22

45 minute walk/visit $26

1 hour walk/visit $32












Pet Sitting

You can relax and enjoy your vacation knowing that your pets are safe and comfortable in their own home, and maintaining their regular meal, exercise,

and sleep schedule. Your furry friends will receive loving, personal care and attention, and of course lots of walks, playtime and snuggles!


All pet sitting services include daily updates and photos via text or email, feeding, medications, fresh water, cleaning of litter boxes or cages, watering of indoor plants, and mail retrieval.


*Pet Sitting is dependent upon availablility.




















Holiday Rates

A surcharge of $5 will apply to every visit on Thanksgiving Day, Christmas Eve and Day, New Years

Eve and Day, Easter, Memorial Day, the 4th of July and Labor day.



All daily clients (M-F), will receive a 15% discount!

*Discount is for walks/visits only and does not apply to puppy potty breaks, or on weekends.

Initial Consultaion (30-45 minutes)  FREE*

This visit allows me to become acquainted with you and your pets and to answer any questions you may have, transfer keys, and discuss any special needs or instructions regarding the care of your pets.


*Please note, initial consultation is required and should be scheduled at least 48hrs prior to service









To schedule your FREE consultation!

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